LOUNGE Access Kit With 3 Refills

The kit is ideal for those on the move. It is smaller and lighter than the standard lounge kit. The kit includes:

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This kit includes:

  • ONE LOUNGE Device
  • Mini USB charger
  • TWO single MENTHOL Nicotine Free Refills
  • 3 Refill Packs of your choice, containing 5 refills in each!
  • Ideal for Vapers with a busy lifestyle or for those just wanting to try!

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How to use

The electronic circuit will begin to work as the VAEPE electronic vaping device is inhaled by users, and simultaneously, the indicator light at the tip of the product will appear "lit".

When user stops inhalation, the atomization of the nicotine will terminate along with the discontinuation of the indicator light appearing "lit".

The operating mode will then return back to "stand by" mode. When the indicator light begins to flash or dim and/or when the amount of smoke-like vapour substantially decreases, it is time to change or recharge the battery.

The æ / CLUB and æ / VENUE models have a locking feature to prevent inadvertent activation. To activate the device, rapidly press the button 5 times. To switch off the device, rapidly press the button
5 times again or hold it down for 9 seconds.

It is recommended to hold the unit horizontally while inhaling to prevent the liquid from entering into one's mouth, which may cause stimulus to the oral mucosa and cause discomfort. If this occurs, immediately rinse mouth thoroughly with water, and if discomfort continues, please immediately contact a physician.


About vaping

Users of VAEPE electronic vaping devices should wait roughly half an hour between full smoking sessions to avoid over-smoking.

To avoid over usage of the product, inhaling more than sixteen times within one minute will cause the indicator light to continuously flash ten times to remind the user to take smaller inhalations.

Internally controlled by a micro-computer program, this device has an automatic cleaning function.

When the user inhales for 1500 times in accumulation, the indicator light at the tip of the electronic vaping device starter kit battery component will shine continuously for twenty seconds, which shows that the computer controlled program is automatically carrying out the cleaning task on this device.


The VAEPE electronic vaping device employs a distinct lithium ion battery and charger system, which cannot be interchanged with other lithium ion batteries or chargers.

Special attention should be paid to whether the rated value of local supply voltage is in compliance to that of this charger when user is travelling. The circulatory using frequency of the battery will be no less than 200 times (changes).

To charge the special lithium battery on the electronic vaping device, simply screw the battery into the charger. When the battery is fully screwed into the charger, the indicator light will continuously flash ten times (about five seconds), and the indicator light on the charger will turn from green to red, indicating the start of the charging.

Approximately two-three hours later, the battery will be fully charged and the indicator light will turn from red to green. When charging is complete the battery should be removed and disengaged from the charger's power supply. The VAEPE electronic vaping device starter kit is now ready for use.

Please note that the charger should never be used outdoors or in a damp environment.

Customer Reviews

Brilliant electric cigarette by Bill
Bought this just for try, when I got this I was very happy, it looks very stylish and tastes just like a real cigarette! (Posted on 24/02/2013)

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